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The Battle of Algiers-- The truth behind one of the bloodiest wars fought on the African Continent

Present Day, Post Colonial Algeria

The Rise of Colonial Power in Algeria
Algerian Resistance Against the French
A Newly Gained Independence
Present Day, Post Colonial Algeria
Gillo Pontecorvo - The Battle Of Algiers (1965)


    After the Battle of Algiers, and up until the present day, the Algerians have been very unsuccessful in regaining the strength they once held. Today they are a minority in their own nation. As you already know, Algeria used to be the top exported of wheat in Europe, but now they export little to no wheat at all. The education of people in Algeria is very low, and some people can't even read and write. The unemployment rate in Algeria however is the opposite; it's at an outrageously high percentage. The Algerians are trying to stand up for their rights, however thousands are being killed and many are missing. The government states that they know nothing about it however. Currently the Algerians are making an attempt to fight for the freedoms they rightfully deserve; however they aren't making very much progress with this effort. 
    Algerians haven't had the same rights, or held the same lifestyles since the end of the Algerian war up until the present day. They are a minority in their "own" nation, and don't have much of a say with how their lives are ran. Over 80% of the citizens of
Algeria are considered to be Arab. Algerians only take up the other less then 20%. Algerians also feel discriminated by the majority Muslim government. In 2001, Algerians started a protest against this discrimination from the majority. This quickly however turned into a riot and Government soldiers shot and killed sixty civilians. There is starting to be a huge fear that the Algerians will begin to desire a state of their own since they are such a minority in their own country. 
    Every country is rated annually on an index to measure their country's average achievements in three different areas of human development. These three things include life expectancy, level of education and standard of living. Out of 175 countries that were ranked in 2003,
Algeria was 107. Their number was probably raised due to their level of education and their standard of living. Only 70% of the people in Algeria can read, however men are more literate then women are. 40% of men and women never attended secondary school. Only 15% of the people that attended secondary school move on to higher education. The unemployment rate in Algeria is also at an extreme high. It is currently at 34%. This means that more than one in three people are out of a job. 
    There is currently a huge problem in
Algeria between the people and their government. In 2003 it was estimated that 100,000 men, women, and children were killed since 1992. Thousands were arrested without even being charged or having a trial. Hundreds of people have disappeared without a trace and haven't been found since. These numbers are still rising today and the government security forces are responsible for all of these deaths, disappearances, and tortures. 
    As you can see the Algerians a minority in their own country and are greatly discriminated against. There education level has greatly dropped since the
Battle of the Algiers as well as the number of people that that are employed. The poverty level has greatly risen and the Algiers has lost all control over their own nation. The fear now is that Algerians may rise against the majority in their nation, or try to start another new independent nation of their own.


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